Who we are


Sapori Antichi was born in 1991 near Venice. It is a unique company of its kind. For almost 30 years, it has been experimenting and using Italian raw materials to offer superior products both in terms of quality and nutritional values.

Sapori Antichi has its farms and collaborates with external companies in which raw materials are grown and evaluated in fields, becoming, after their transformation, the ingredients for the preparation of all our products.

In 1998, PASTA 1 MINUTO was born: it is the dream of a farmer who goes from the grain of wheat to the typically Italian pasta dish ready in 1 minute and achievable all over the world. The art of making pasta pushes the company to move production to the province of Modena (unquestionable homeland of pasta). Here, in addition to PASTA 1 MINUTO, a new product was born and highly criticized, giving rise to the VECCHIA MODENA brand. This brand identifies a line of deep-frozen fresh pasta which, compared to traditional fresh pasta, is preserved only thanks to the cold.
In the following years, we added deep-frozen sauces production to both lines, and upon request of the market, the FORNO PRONTO line was born which consist in mixing the deep-frozen types of pasta and sauces to sell them as ready meals.

Today more than ever, the consumer trend has changed concerning both the availability of time dedicated to meals and the relaunch of the Mediterranean diet worldwide. We believe our three lines (PASTA 1 MINUTO, VECCHIA MODENA, FORNO PRONTO) can satisfy every need.

We love our pasta and we produce it with passion


We have come this far, but the path is not over, it has only just begun. Today, after products development, the company is focusing on being able to use renewable energy sources in the production.

This issue sensitivity is typical of those who over the years have shown the humility of knowing how to experiment with innovative products by challenging multinationals that have been trying for a long time to create innovative pasta-based products. We achieved meaningful goals in the world of pasta through pride and ability to “stay down to earth”.

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