Food Health

Food Health – GMO-Free

Current lifestyles are vastly different than in the past. Changes in food preparation and consumption habits derive from the frenetic pace of modern life and the increase in people living alone, single-parent families and working women. The rapid progress of food technology, the processing and packaging techniques is the positive consequence of this change. This development helps to guarantee safety and healthiness in the food chain increasing also convenience. Despite all these advances, contamination in food chains is still possible, due to natural or accidentally introduced agents or incorrect procedures.

Ultimately, the quality and safety of food depend on the efforts of all the people involved in the complex chain of agricultural production, processing, transport, preparation and consumption. Based on the concise definition of the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO), food safety is a shared responsibility from field to table.

Maintaining the quality and safety of food throughout the food chain requires, on one side, the operating procedures that guarantee the healthiness of food, and on the other side, the monitoring systems that ensure the correctness of the operations.

Sapori Antichi relies on modern quality control systems to guarantee the quality and safety of its products. The current principal systems are:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices
    They contemplate the conditions and processing procedures which, based on long experience, have shown to be able to offer constant quality and safety.
  • Risk analysis and critical control points (or HACCP, from English Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).
    While traditional quality assurance programs focused on detecting problems in the finished product, HACCP, a newly introduced proactive technique, focuses on ascertaining potential problems and subsequent control of them already during the design process and production.

To ensure the adoption of quality assurance procedures at all levels, the quality management systems used by the company also involve close collaboration with suppliers, transporters, wholesalers and retailers. At the end of the processing, the packaging ensures that the food product reaches the consumer in optimal conditions.

The packaging maintains the integrity, safety and quality of the food during transport, in the warehouses of wholesalers, in retail outlets and up to the consumer. The packaging allows you to maximize product preservation while providing mattering information with the label. Also, the barcodes on the packaging, which indicate the date and place of manufacture, guarantee the traceability of products for inventory control to food companies, carriers and retailers.

Food safety

The only way to guarantee food safety is the sharing of responsibility in the food sector from the professional to the consumer.

We provide various control mechanisms and procedures for all the steps in the food chain to ensure that the food that arrives on the consumer’s table is fit for consumption and to minimize the risks of contamination; Sapori Antichi’s goal is to contribute to improving the health of the whole population thanks to the benefits of safe and quality food.