Sales network

Sapori Antichi in the world

The company, being present on the market for years, has consolidated a series of relationships in various countries that enable it to understand the realities of the market and consumer trends in the relationship of collaboration with people operating on the territory. The exchange of information with the people in the same area of competence allows us to have a “thermometer” of the needs of the final consumer.

Through the Sales Department, the company evaluates the sales strategy and agrees on development policies with the various external managers. The globalization of markets is a reality that allowed the whole world to understand the importance of consuming pasta. Day after day, through the internet and other channels, we receive requests from places that a few years ago did not even know the word “pasta”.

For some years we limited participation in trade fairs wanting to implement our presence on the internet and organizing what in jargon is called “home fairs” in which we invited potential customers at the structure that deals with the distribution of our products in the country of reference.

For eight years, we have our training point where we receive and host our customers who want to know more about our products and their potential.

Qualified staff is available for the business training of agents, vendors and professionals in the sector.


United Arab Emirates