Added value


Sapori Antichi is a single brandthat encompasses the four divisions of deep-frozen products:

  • Pasta 1 Minuto: deep-frozen precooked pasta
  • La Vecchia Modena: deep-frozen fresh pasta
  • Forno Pronto: deep-frozen ready meals
  • Le Salse: deep-frozen ready-made sauces

The best way to demonstrate the communication of a company comes from people who use their energy and resources to serve better the customer, and not by its name. We do not want to be just your supplier, but a partner who helps you and advises you in the management of your business: a smile, maximum experience and courtesy are our tools. The strategic goal par excellence of the Sapori Antichi company is to create added value to its products through customer services and satisfaction. Management increases the value thanks to its ability to achieve the following objectives:

  • Further develop the presence as a European manufacturer in the resellers and retail markets, strengthening its identity with a dimension comparable to that of large companies with the versatility of an SME.
  • Focus managerial and financial resources on businesses with the highest rate of innovation and the most profitable channels of catering
  • Enter with conviction in a niche of the Food Service with the “Pasta 1 minuto” system to allow a gradual increase in the strategic positioning: from a food producer to a service provider company towards the final consumer
  • Evaluate the possibilities of external growth consistent with the corporate mission

In Sapori Antichi our team works every day to achieve the growth objectives: the professional origin from the agro-food sector, the desire to be a company that meets the needs of consumers and the dynamism with which they implement the projects. These are the strengths of “Sapori Antichi”.